Senin, 02 Februari 2009



Sakit mag di sebabkan oleh luka di usus.
Ini di karenakan tingginya kadar asam lambung di usus tersebut.
Penyebab dari sakit mag sendiri bermacam macam di antaranya :

• Terlambat makan
• Stress
• Makan makan yang terlalu pedas


Berikut saya berikan obat sakit mag tradisional.
Saya sudah mencobanya dan manjur.

Bahan yang di butuhkan adalah :

• Kunyit kira kira 3 ruas jari tangan
• Kayu manis kira kira 3 batang/lembar

Cara membuatnya :

Kupas kunyit , kemudian di bersihkan setelah itu di blender.
Blendernya tambah air sedikit biar cepat halus.
Rebus hasil blenderan kunyit tersebut dengan air 3 gelas.
Kemudian masukkan kayu manis.
Rebuslah sampai tersisa kira kira tinggal 1 gelas.

Yang harus di perhatikan adalah , merebusnya jangan pakai panci aluminium.
Kalo saya biasanya biasnya menggunakan kuali yang bukan terbuat dari aluminium.

Hasil dari perebusan tersebut diminum sebelum makan.
Berikan secara rutin minuman kunyit tersebut minimal 3 kali sehari.


Jangan makan makanan yang pedas selama pengobatan.
Makanan yang di anjurkan adalah makanan yang lembut, seperti bubur nasi dan bubur kacang ijo tanpa santan.
Bila badan terasa lemas, dalam minuman kunyit tersebut dapat di tambahkan kuning telur ayam kampung. Tapi hati hati , karena banyak telur ayam kampung yang palsu.
Biasanya di supermarket tersedia telur ayam kampung dengan keterangan yang jelas, misalnya kuning telurnya agak kemerahan.

Demikan resep obat tradisional untuk penyakit mag.
Di lain waktu saya akan coba memberikan resep obat tradisional untuk penyakit lainnya.

Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009

Get Health withouth steroids

Some the athletes have admitted use steroid, which are add hormones that can improve strength and muscle mass.Some Steroids are illegal and can lead to serious health problems, but studies show a number of children, teenagers and adults are willing to try them. Let's talk about which steroids are, how they may affect your body, and why it is a good idea to them.
What are Steroids?

Some Kids dream of a professional athletes and why not? That is nice to think that the best in your favorite sport, not to earn a high salary. But in recent years, more people are looking at the way some athletes will get their bodies in super shape - hard enough to break records.

When the people say steroids (say: stare-oydz), they are often illegal anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are artificially produced hormones that are the same as or similar to androgens, the male type of sex hormones in the body. The most powerful of these is testosterone . The Anabolic steroids can be taken in the form of pills, powders, or injections.

The "Steroids" has more than one meaning. Your body naturally produces some steroids, to help you combat stress and increase during puberty. (But your body knows exactly the right amount you need, so there is no need to take extra.) There is also a form of medicine called steroids that people can take them as pain, asthma, or a skin problem. But some are not the kind of attention to steroids in sports.

There are athletes take anabolic steroids because of their testosterone-like effects such as an increase in muscle mass and strength. This is may sound like a boy, but girls have also used steroids for stronger and change the way they look. And it's not only professional athletes who have taken illegal drugs. Surveys and studies have shown that teens, college athletes, and others have taken steroids.

The Anabolic steroids cause some different types of problems. Less serious side effects include acne, oily hair, purple or red spots on the body, swelling of the legs and feet, and persistent bad breath. A child or teenager who steroids can not grow as much as he or she was supposed to grow. Some other serious and long-term side effects. They are :

* SOmtetime Early balding
* Fell Dizziness
* Bad Mood swings, including anger and sadness
* There are things to saw or hear that are not there (hallucinations)
* Extreme they feelings of mistrust or fear (paranoia)
* Imsonia
* fell Nausea
* Fell Vomiting
* Fell Shakes
* Fell High blood pressure can damage the heart or blood vessels in time
* Fell Zere joints
* Sometime Increased risk of damage muscles and tendons
* Got Jaundice or yellowing of the skin, liver damage
* Got Problems with urination
* GOt Increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer

These risks affect girls:

* Got Increased facial hair growth
* Fell Deeper voice, like a man
* Got Reduction of the breast
* Fell Period of change

Specific risks for boys include:

* Some time Shrinkage of the testicles and penis problems
* Got Pain when urinating (pee)
* Got Breast Development

Out there, there supplements available that anabolic steroids. You might see ads for it on the Internet or in the back of sports or body building magazines. Some are prohibited in the United States, when others are still legal. Legal or illegal, these supplements can cause health problems. Children should not be any steroid supplement, even those still on the market.
Dangers of Steroids

Because the steroids can be injected (given in one shot), users at risk of getting diseases that can be transmitted through needles that are dirty, or shared. These include HIV / AIDS and hepatitis, severe liver disease. Although some problems may appear immediately, others may not appear for years. The former Oakland Raiders lineman who died of cancer brains believed that steroid use during his football career was one reason he got the disease.

And because of all levels of sport - from high school to the pros - testing athletes for steroid use, there is a growing chance the person will become.In case get caught, he or she will face a lot of embarrassment and could be banned from the sport.

But maybe the worst of all, any achievements the athlete made while on steroids could be questioned. Someone may say: "He did not really deserve to the All-Star team, he was on steroids." Or, "They should not have that trophy, she was cheating." So to win your own power - without steroids. And then, we can hang on to it all - and your health!

Our health is the No. 1 reason not to use steroids or a steroid supplement. But there is another very important reason: it's just not fair. When people use of steroids, it gives them an unfair advantage against others who trained and practiced without using illegal steroids.